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Socially Responsible

Fairly traded goods are quickly becoming the new “haute couture” of the fashion world, and that’s how it should be. As contemporary style and traditional handcrafted clothing converge, it is easy to imagine stocking your wardrobe with exquisite scarves and blouses that are completely handmade and designed to stay active in your closet for years. The best part is, the clothing FEELS good to wear because it’s being made by local artisans who are fairly compensated for their skills and talents.

 At Abrazo Style we, along with our artisans, are committed to a shared goal of sustainable fair trade where trust, creativity and empowerment build a pathway out of poverty.  The story behind what we create is as important as the product itself because behind every blouse, scarf or accessory there is a person. Together with Pascuala, Marta, Cristina and other indigenous artisans from Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico, we collaborate on new designs and reinvent the classics. We encourage artistic vision and the development of good business practices, and share useful skills such as contemporary tailoring.

Artisans work in their homes or in closely connected groups and deliver directly to us during our regular visits to their communities.  As they say, good things in life are worth waiting for and the product you buy from Abrazo is an example of our ongoing commitment to working honorably and ethically in communities with these artisans. We can make a positive difference in their lives, and we hope in yours too.